If you are among the fragile, unable to keep up with your doctors busy schedule, and medically immobile, who are also considered  home-bound, we are here to help you. Gone are the days when doctors used to make house calls and were very much a feature of the medical profession. We are slowly returning to those long forgotten days and the good news today is that Accessible Physician Medical House Call Home Health Care is leading out in front leading the charge. And one of the driving forces that have caused us to be looking into this direction is our deep abiding love and concern for our patients, who because of the maddening increases in health care cost. Our aim is to reclaim to turn thing around – we are taking back primary health care from the impersonal and uncaring doctors’ offices, clinics and emergency rooms, and return to the more personal and caring house calls.

Accessible Physician Medical House Call – In-Home Elder Health Care Goals are:


  • To be the house call provider of choice for the aged and infirm
  • To provide a sense of independence and self-care for our patients.
  • To help patients’ families meet the health care needs of their aged and infirm family member or members.
  • To help cut down on costly and inappropriate admissions to impersonal hospital and nursing home
  • To offer an atmosphere of loving support for both patient and familymembers to cope with any medical or emotional falls out due to debilitating and devastating illnesses.
  • To provide an atmosphere enrich with care and support for patients and their families while coping with terminal illnesses.



Accessible Physician Medical House Call & In-Home Elder Health Care primary aim is to provide for the improvement a patient’s health, well-being and quality of life. Our staff visiting medical professionals make it their primary duty to first build a relationship with each patient encounter, and to patiently create an environment where that’s conducive to the patient’s recovery.

We know how primary care can be expensive, but we at all times to work without clients to make their at home visits be affordable, because our visits significantly help them to reduce emergency room visits and hospitalisations.

Accessible Physician Home Care also reduces safety risks and time-consuming physician office visits. Most importantly, we always seek to schedule follow-up appointments based on the prescribed planned care, which also allows for increased compliance. The regular care and follow-up patients receive from our medical home visit team members also increases the chances of patients receiving properly managed up-to-date care and delivery medications.



You can also visit one of our local clinics close to you:

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